LAND-SEA EXPRESS SERVICE With our high-priority service we give our clients a head start of 10-20 days faster transit time from Far East in comparison to the alternative traditional routes. SEAFREIGHT As market leader in seafreight, we offer comprehensive seafreight services via our worldwide Cosco Shipping network focused on FCL shipments, break bulk, project logistics and oversized transport. OVERLAND Powered by our core subcontractors we manage a vehicle fleet of 200 containerized platform trucks and carefully selected haulers, Starcon Shipping’s overland services provide you with the right capacity allocation and equipment for every type of shipment.


Starcon shipping

lAnd-sea express service

With our high-priority service we give our clients a head start of 10-20 days faster transit time from Far East in comparison to the alternative traditional routes.


Our direct road transportation ensures speed and load availability at any time.


We offer comprehensive sea freight services via our worldwide COSCO Shipping Global Network.

Our latest development is our new service from Piraeus, Greece to Durres, Albania which connects us to Far East in less than 35 days.

container yard

In order to give our customers a value added service, we have acquired a container yard terminal which is located in the heart of the capital city of North Macedonia..


Intermodal solutions are recognized as one of the strongest points in our services which play a very important role in moving client’s goods by rail from single car to entire train compositions across Europe and Asia.

Shipping routes
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Tracking Freight

Why Choose Us

Our company believes that our people within the company are our greatest asset and key to continuous progress for success and as such, we are devoted to provide careers and working environments in which our employees can excel to their fullest potential. Our teams are stimulated to discuss issues and hurdles directly with the management and to propose ways to improve performance and productivity. The company is supporting the personal and professional development trough social gatherings, group travels, visits of fairs and courses as well as investing in new skills and training for the team members.

At Starcon Shipping our strong focus on diversity is a natural outcome of a company with a strong talent focus, mindset and culture. This commitment to diversity goes hand in hand with a commitment to inclusion: all employees are valued and treated with respect at all times.
Discrimination and harassment are not tolerated. This creates a workplace with an open and vibrant culture – where people are free to be themselves, do their best, inspire others and realise potential for themselves and their teams.

The Health, Safety & Welfare as well as comfort of the employees is of supreme importance to our company. It is the policy of our company to create and improve standards of Health and Safety, which will lead to minimizing the potential of risks and ensure that the company complies with all the Health & Safety legislation. A detailed Health & Safety Policy Statement is held at all branch premises and displayed on the notice boards.

  • Always honest and fair towards our customers
  • Provide and keep high standards of services that have been agreed
  • Take all reasonable steps to ensure the quality, safety and satisfaction of our services

It is our firm belief that there is more to procurement than just cost. With the right suppliers, we aspire to build sustainable and value creating relationships, offering business opportunities with Starcon Shipping and ensuring the lowest total cost of ownership for the products and services we buy. We are always interested in hearing from potential new suppliers. If you are interested in working with Starcon Shipping, please use this opportunity to learn more about how we carry out procurement.

  • Pay suppliers and subcontractors in accordance with agreed terms
  • Have a policy not to offer, pay or accept bribes or substantial favours
  • Encourage suppliers and subcontractors to abide by the same standards and principles




We offer dependable transportation of valuable mineral products such as  ferronickel, coal, chrome ore etc. 


Our range of services allow high-tech clients to reduce inventories, lower distribution costs and speed up the introduction of new products.


We provide comprehensive logistics services to industrial companies of all types and sizes, from small local businesses to major household names operating in the global arena in the following subsectors.

wine, spirits & drinks

We share your passion for fine beverages. Which is why we offer temperature-controlled storage with our high-tech reefer container equipment.

pharma & care

With our innovative and combined solutions, we can respond flexibly to all requirements from pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as medical device producers.

forest products

We handle point-to-point Full-Container-load shipping offering competitive pricing, together with the uplift space you need to get your cargo moving and fulfill your customers’ orders. 

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